The founders of SMART4NET are Zoran Sevarac and Jelena Sevarac, experienced entrepreneurs with a number of successful projects in the field of artificial intelligence, open source, software development and e-Commerce.

Zoran Sevarac is an assistant professor at the University of Belgrade, researcher at Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence, and big Java and open source supporter. He is also a Java Champion and member of the NetBeans Dream Team.

Jelena Sevarac CEO, is the former CEO of Net Link Solutions (acquired by big local retail company), also has roles of project, team and marketing manager. Her excellence in communication, business and management skills make our visions come true.


SMART4NET is company specialized in artificial intelligence, Java software development, consulting and training located in Belgrade, Serbia.

Backed with years of experience in Internet industry, business, open source, Java development and Artificial Intelligence research, our team is on the mission to push the boundaries of the Artificial intelligence technologies and their applications in business, science and education.

In our mission we collaborate with a wide range of academic institutions, companies and individual experts from all around the world.